Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trip to the Florida Everyglades

This was our trip with my brother in law on his airboat through the florida everglades!

We Set Sail

 Believe it or not people stay out here there are many gators and anaconda's not to mention whatelse is lerking in these swamps lol

 Hmmmmm A Grill in the middle of the glades what could it be used for????  (remember I am a jersey girl) lmao

Here is where things start to get very interesting they decide to stop and take a dip...In Alligator infested waters!!!!!!!!!  ((((these are big gators))))

 Now I know you see the gator look how close these guys are nuts.....See the video they tried to wrestle it !!!
There wasnt only one!!!! 

Got to see it to believe it!

Colorful Grasshopper


  1. Seems like you guys had plenty of fun and adventure!

  2. Yikes!!! Now there's a hair-raising adventure!! I enjoyed your photography.