Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ducking Around!

I was just ducking around today with the beautiful ducks that come and visit everyday.  These ladies actually come right up to my back door lol The poor male which is in the third picture down always gets chased away by the 2 ladies....

Thanks for viewing I hope you enjoyed my ducking around adventure..... : )


  1. Great photos! We used to have a huge creek where we lived before, and every spring we would have a pair of ducks that would come and visit. They would make their way to the barns, never quite as far as the house. I guess they wanted to stay closer to the water:)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love ducking around.. isn't it great to just relax and take some pictures. Just be creative but in a relax mode.
    Nice work.

  3. Loved them - the poor outnumbered male : ) We women always have support don't we : )

  4. Beautiful pictures!