Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday Dedication - Pokey's Pals March 17 2011

Thursday Dedication - Pokey's Pals

 My Thursday dedication goes out to Rachel Hoyt
Pokey's Pals
Rachel love turtles she blogs for fun about different species and about Pokey her pet turtle.  She also has some real fun facts and great pictures of turtles.  Rachel is also the kindest person I have met, she welcomed me so quickly and made my day when she posted a pic of my turtles to her blog! 

Thank you Rachel for your wonderful friendship and for being the real person that you are!! 
Please stop by her blog and comment the picture above is a tsunami turtle so cool!!!
Happy Saint Patricks Day !!!


  1. Wow, thanks! I thought the fact that I got to chow down on some night crawlers was the coolest thing to happen today, but this is much more awesome!!! Thanks for being our friend! Your kindness and warmth is felt from across the nation. :)

  2. there is nothing like a pokey Rachel around. love her


  3. : ) Glad little miss Pokey got a dedication today. Cheers to you Pokey Girl

  4. Ok so what kind of night crawlers are we talking about ??? LOL and Your quite welcome! Us turtle lovers need to stick together lol

  5. amazing - i visited a landing, laying and hatching spot here in qld and it was tremendous !! - ;)

  6. Lisa, she so deserves this! Way to go Rachel:)