Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My View from My Backyard

This is my view of the 8th fairway of Lake Orlando Golfcourse...From my back yard....(That is the pond where my turtles and fish and all my wonderful wildlife live...

Just showed up as I was taking photo's so I figured why not lol

Here she is lining up her ball then .......

Wack off it goes I didnt realize i had the ball in the shot until I blew the picture up cool..

Well I hope you enjoyed my view from my back yard...


  1. Watch out you will get addicted and start buying all the expensive equipment lol

  2. LOL nahhhhh I had it all it got stollen few months ago will never buy it again ...this camera cost me 65 bucks in costcos and does a great job for mr lol

  3. Nice to see green grass--we're still getting snow!

  4. Great pics! Looks like you always have something to view...either the stunning and diverse wildlife...or the sometimes even more diverse golfers! ;)


  5. Nice view, how many times have you made it to the course? Thanks for sharing :)


  6. What a backyard! nice to see green as oppose to buildings!