Thursday, June 7, 2012

Symphony of the Soul by the talented Jessilyn Park

This post is for a friend who I have never met in person but truly feel a connection with her through her beautiful art.  Please enjoy and share!

Symphony of the Soul 

About Jessilyn Park:
I’m passionate about many things in life. I love to read, write, travel, go to plays, musicals, concerts…just enjoy life. I find beauty in the small things. I am a firm advocate of Paying It Forward and somehow, through my writings, art, or actions, I want to be able to say, “I make a difference”. – Even if ever minute. I feel like I have an old soul but am young at heart. I consider myself a huge nerd and am an avid gamer (ISO epic IRL moments). I love the game Clue, to go to comedy clubs, I enjoy bread pudding entirely way too much, and I have a thing for Andy Griffith as Matlock aka "The Silver Fox."

I recently picked up a paintbrush for the first time in my life and discovered a whole new world; a world brimming with imagination, creativity, freedom, expressionism, and vivacity. I've always been creative in a way, but never artistic. This talent is completely new to me and each time I produce a peice I amaze myself more and more. I believe that somehow, someway, this talent was passed down to me from my grandmother the last time I visited her. She was a great painter but went blind and could never paint again, which broke her heart. I've never felt so passionate about anything. In March, despite everyone telling me how dangerous it was, I flew to Mexico...alone. I stayed a week there and trained with the world renowned Leonid Afremov. 

I’m also a freelance writer and website designer. I love weaving stories together with words. It’s like letting people into your mind without ever speaking to them. I write about all kinds of topics; from relationships, to issues in society, to technology. 

On top of my passions, a girl’s gotta make a living. I work full time for a communications firm in Orlando, Florida and attend the University of Central Florida College of Graduate Studies studying Mass Media Communication.

Being new to the area, I’m looking to network with like-minded individuals; people who have the drive and hunger for success as well as a passion to make difference. I am particularly interested in the following connections – mass media or social media marketing, publishers, public speaking opportunities, creative design and/or copywriting opportunities, ad/pr, fellow artists, art galleries, museum opportunities & art shows. 

Thank you for visiting and for your continued appreciation and support.

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Symphony of the Soul