Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My First Painting

This was my first ever oil painting never picked up a brush before this.  I was inspired by my neighbor Mr. Allen.  He would always bring me a new painting of his as a gift.  I had his paintings hanging throughout my house and was just in awe of how much he took pride in each one.  I always loved to draw so I figured how hard could it be to paint?  Well Mr.Allen told me I could go with him to his painting classes and learn, but of course me not having the time between taking care of my 3 children and working full time I decided I would let him teach me.  So it began.  Mr. Allen would come over to my house on the weekend and we would set up our easels and it would all start with the background.  First we had to oil the canvas, then mix our color for the sky and before you knew it I was creating this painting that came to life before my eyes.  It was so much fun and self rewarding to see that I could do it.  Every weekend Mr. Allen would come by and well he made a monster of me I couldn't stop, It consumed me so much I had to complete each painting the same day lol

So I hope you enjoy the posts and the paintings, I also love to photograph the wild life in my yard so you will get to see some great pics from an amature who loves life.

Thanks for looking please feel free to comment or follow.


  1. A kindred spirit! I too love to paint and photography is a passion I just discovered a few years ago. Your painting is awesome! Keep up the good work. (My sister and I actually have a business in California that let's people experience painting who have never painted before.)

  2. Your a women of many talents I see..
    Really nice and it is your first..thats just not fair lol.

  3. Wow..that is beautiful...and amazing that it is your first one! You are gifted...I look forward to seeing more as you make them please share them with us!

  4. Wow, this a beautiful. Imagine having that gift inside you all this time just waiting to come out!