Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to catch a fish in under 50 seconds!

This story is true.  Every single word lol my beautiful neice ( she is very beautiful)  came to visit (she is from Jersey and only time she ever fished was on my boat in Lake Hopatcong never really caught anything) and we decided to go out back in my wonderful wildlife heaven.  She (ok I) put a small piece of hot dog (yep thats what florida fish love) on the line and she casted (her first real cast) low and behold not more then 37 seconds she has a catfish on her hook.  She continuing doing this and caught about 6 -7 more in about 10 minutes. She even said this was the best time she ever had fishing.   Well this you got to see to believe!!!


  1. Nice! Gotta trick the fishies with junk food sometimes. :-)