Friday, July 15, 2011

Just another picture

Here is where I just start cliking my camera and what happens happens lol I love taking photo's of wild life and nature and then sometimes other things just get in my way.  Enjoy!  Feel free to leave a comment always welcome :)
Just the sun setting in my yard

This guy was awesome


This critter was too cute


  1. Lisa, these are beautiful shots. You live in such a beautiful area for the diversity of nature. Looks like you have a great do not even have to leave your home to get some interesting photo's. My favourite is the have the lead in of the water, the reflection of the trees and the contrast of light with the setting sun. I am now following.

  2. Thank you Ravenmyth! I Love taking photo's and painting ... It just captures moments in our lives that we want to remember forever ..those feel good moments!

  3. Beautiful! I love all of the natural wildlife that resides right in your backyard! The little lizard reminds me of the ones we've seen at my in-laws (they live in florida too). We are visiting them in September, my son doesn't remember them last time he was down (he was in diapers) but I know he's going to be amazed this time around!

  4. You have a good eye.. I really like the first and forth one.

  5. Was outside fishing today and almost got me a Gar grrrr they are so cool looking so I didnt get a picture, but I found some cool mushrooms lol strangest things just make me want to click!

    My eye is just amature I love the beauty but yours is so professional plus I bet you use a really good camera huh.. I use a piece of crap digital camera from Costco's my good ones all got stolen lol

  6. I loved 'Reflections'